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COMING OUT! Death Eaters

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The website is no longer regularly updated, but you can still check out all the past content.
They are full of Engrish! Enjoy it!! :p

**Go away, Aurors.

**This is sacred place for Death Eaters who unite under the Dark Lord. You are no longer alive if you invade, I've warned.

**My dear, you need not hurry so much to your death. Why, the day when the death visits you all will come very soon!
Japanese edition

You may find bad words on this site. Already you have a question in this title, I guess.
Is this a misuse?
No. It's a Japanese use. "COMINGOUTing" does not mean what you thought. ;)
Strange words can be amusing you than a perfect thing. Enjoy my Home Page!

Since APR. 1st 2002
Last UPDATE: Nov. 11th 2010

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